DX May Meet Accepted/Rejected lists

Please check the accepted/Rejected lists via the website & contact the meet promoter with any corrections by Thursday 10th May.



DX 4×200 Free Relays at EM champs, Monday 7th May

M 17+yrs

Ryan Reader, Karl Morgan, Ben Fitzhugh, Josh Pemberton

W 17+yrs

Summer Kennedy, Beth Thomas, Mia Barber, Beth Rae-McLean

M 14-16yrs

Casper Raynard, Jacob Whittle, Tom Wyatt, Brad Evans

W 14-16yrs

Mia Slevin, Charlotte Hall, Mya Watt, Harmony Torrington

Please make sure you are available to race, see meet timeline:


DX 4×100 Relay Teams EM Champs


Free A team: J. Whittle, C. Raynard, T. Wyatt, B. Evans

Free B team: G. Atkin, A. Banks, S. Littler, D. Skinner

Med A team: J. Whittle, D. Skinner, T. Wyatt, C. Raynard

Med B team: S. Littler, B. Evans, A. Banks, G. Atkin


Free A team: M. Slevin, C. Hall, M. Watt, H. Torrington

Free B team: G. Dawes, N. Dilley, I. Purgavie, K. Haswell

Med A team: M. Slevin, M. Watt, C. Hall, H. Torrington

Med B: N. Dilley, G. Dawes, I. Purgavie, K. Haswell


Free: R. Reader, K. Morgan, W. Hogg, B. Fitzhugh

Med: H. Charitos, J. Pemberton, R. Reader, K. Morgan


Free: S. Kennedy, M. Barber, B. Rae McLean, E. Tennant

Med: S. Kennedy, B. Thomas, E. Tennant, M. Barber

Changes to National/Regional Squad (South)

Week commencing 9th April:

National Squad – no training Monday & Friday AM’s (if competing at Youth Regionals)

Regional Squad – train at Queens Monday & Friday AM’s (unless competing at Youth Regionals, train as National Squad, take it off)

All other sessions as normal.

Any questions please ask coaches. Thank you