Supporting DX

Your opportunity to begin a partnership of excellence

Derventio eXcel swim squad is the performance centre for the most talented swimmers in Derbyshire. This small squad of dedicated young athletes has achieved success after success on the British, European and International stage. Yet, despite the valued support we receive from local authorities and sporting organisations, grants for many elite sports have significantly reduced in recent years and so the squad’s survival is dependent on additional funding and sponsorship support from the private sector.

Your support will help to pave the way for future Olympic champions. This is not a long-term goal, this is something that is already a real prospect for several of our current squad members: Molly Renshaw narrowly missed out on London 2012 qualification having been crowned European Junior Champion in 200m breastroke; Abbie Wood won two golds and two silver medals in the 2013 European Youth Olympics and was nominated alongside four other European athletes for the 2013 Piotr Nurowski Best Young European Athlete Prize; and several other squad members have been identified as Podium Potential swimmers for Great Britain.

How will you benefit?

Your support will therefore benefit you by association with excellence. You will also be helping to inspire future generations of swimmers in Derbyshire – and elsewhere. In doing so, you will help to create highly disciplined, healthy and hard-working young men and women whose commitment would impress any employer when they venture into the workplace.

We have a wide range of sponsorship and funding opportunities available. Please contact us if you would like to discuss our future together.


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