DX Christmas and New Year Training

DX Christmas & New Year Training Changes 2017/18

December 2017

Friday 15th Queens 5:15-7:00 Regional & National

5:15-7:30 Elite

No Friday PM sessions

Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th – No training

Friday 22nd Queens 5:15-7:00 Regional & National

5:15-7:30 Elite

Saturday 23rd Matlock 5:45-7:45, 8:00-9:00 land

Regional, National & North

Sunday 24th Matlock 5:45-8:00 All Squads

Christmas Eve

Monday 25th – No training

Christmas Day

Tuesday 26th – No training

Boxing Day

Wednesday 27th Eckington 7:00-9:00 North

Queens 8:00-10:00 Regional (3 lanes)

Queens 16:00-18:00 National (3 lanes)

L’boro 15:00-17:00 Elite (2 lanes)

Thursday 28th Etwall 6:30-8:00 National & Elite

Queens 17:00-19:00 Elite (3 lanes)

Friday 29th Eckington 7:00-9:00 North

Etwall 6:30-8:00 National & Elite

Queens 8:00-10:00 Regional (3 lanes)

Queens 16:00-18:00 Regional (3 lanes)

L’boro. 15:00-17:00 National & Elite (5 lanes)

Saturday 30th Matlock 5:45-7:45, 8:00-9:00 land

All Squads

Sunday 31st Matlock 6:00-8:00 All Squads

New Years Eve

January 2018

Monday 1st – No training

Tuesday 2nd – all sessions and venues back to normal

NB: pool sessions are whole pool unless stated. Between Xmas & New Year we will try to get on to poolside 15 mins prior to swimming to carry out pre-pool, this will depend on leisure centre staffing. Any questions please ask.



Sessions during snow

Just to let everyone know, the session this evening at Loughborough and the sessions in the morning are going ahead. Those living in badly effected areas please do not take a risk in hazardous driving conditions.

Those who can travel safely, please take extra care and give yourself plenty of time. If you are unsure then stay at home – catch up on Strictly… I mean homework.

Russell Evans

As many of you will now know we are saddened by the loss of Russell Evans who passed away on Thursday.

We have offered our immediate condolences and support to Alison and Bradley from the whole DX family.